Imen is a 24 year old Muslim singer of Moroccan descent who grew up near Milan but who now lives in London.

She was discovered by BPureSounds waitressing in Nando’s restaurant and dreaming of becoming the first Hijabi singer to win a Grammy ! She’s a truly international Artist singing in English, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, French and German and she stands for love, tolerance and inclusion— representing cultural, racial and religious diversity.

Brought up in a traditional Muslim household, Imen had to face many challenges to pursue her dream. Her father, the Imam at the local mosque, had never heard her sing …..until she appeared on national TV in Britain’s Got Talent 2020, going on to reach the semi final and, more importantly, win her father’s approval.

Italian Grammy Award winning superstar Tiziano Ferro supported her journey from the start saying

“Imen mesmerised me right away – Her voice touched me from the first moment as well as her story and her sweetness. It is truly a privilege to be able to collaborate with Imen, the daughter of a new generation that are against prejudices and closed boxes. Imen is talented, period. And I can’t wait for the whole world to realise it! “

Now signed to Warner Music, Imen’s first release was an Arabic remix of David Guetta’s song “Family” with American Artists Ty Dolla and A

Boogie and this has been followed with solo performances “Lonely People”, “Glitter and Gold” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop My Heart” to be followed soon by her first EP.

It’s fitting that the Arabic translation of her name is “faith,” because Imen has always believed that she was destined to overcome the odds. Certainly her story is one of an amazing Cinderella style journey.

Imen’s Inspirational Voice on BGT