You can find Lucii (also know as Lucky Lucii on his Instagram) masked up in all his videos creating a huge buzz around his name. His latest track release amassed a great flow of traffic from around the world and this was done solely without any major features on his tracks. In the short span of Lucii’s rap career he continues to generate millions of views on platforms such as YouTube and PressPlay as well as racking up millions of Spotify streams with a minimum of 200k monthly listeners.

In the last 9 months Lucii’s figures have sky rocketed. As he continues to keep his 20k plus fans entertained, via his Instagram and his Snap Chat where he see 20k views minimum daily, his numbers continue to increase. An incredible 8.1 million views on YouTube, 4.4 million streams on Spotify with 229,326 monthly listeners an Instagram following of 27.5k, 20k daily views on snap chat and features lined up with members of Zone 2 & 150 (who have millions of YouTube views and streams just via Spotify), Lucii can only get bigger.


holds major weight as a rapper having released five tracks within five months generating over 6 million views on YouTube. His music has created a dedicated fan base, which continues to grow and is even more evident in the 5 million plus streams he garners on Spotify with a minimum of 6,000 unique listeners a month. You can find Tzgwala on his Instagram page keeping his 11k followers up to date with the release of new music or on his Snap Chat where his day to day Snaps garner a minimum of 7k daily views.

Tzgwala is known to rake up the views and his ‘Lightwork’ freestyle released on music platform Press Play generated 1.09 million views. He was also invited to rap on Plugged in with Fumez the engineer, which was again released on music platform Press Play generating 4.4 million views and 3.4 million streams on spotify. Tzgwala’ freestyles are a force to reckon with and are in high demand. His 600 Freestyle gained 347 ,956K views on Press Play and 133,316K streams on spotify.

His HB freestyle released on LinkupTV received a great response of 47,978K views with 184,378K streams on spotify.

And his Rule of Six Freestyle generated 637,581k views on Press Play and 434,323K streams on spotify.


YA currently has the music scene buzzing with his raw and catchy style of music. He is tapping into a generation of young music listeners who are eager for new and exciting music, which YA delivers consistently.

Boasting 25.9k followers on his Instagram and over 5k daily views on his Snap Chat, YA is steadily building serious momentum and a thriving fan base.

A serious persona only shown via the eyes YA is known for his signature balaclava in all his music videos and public appearances. His music does most of the talking garnering over 200k streams and 74.8k monthly listeners on Spotify. YA’s rap session featured on Plugged in by Fumes the Engineer accumulated over 5.9 million views and over 5.1 million streams via music platform Press Play. YA shows no sign of slowing down and this continues to be echoed vigorously through his music and the love from his dedicated and loyal fan base.

No Remorse: Step & Kweff


the Drill Music group creating a storm in the drill music scene are made up of young rappers Lucii, Tzgwala and YA. All rappers have their own unique sound and style but gel as one when they make music together. ‘No Remorse’ have captured the minds and ears of many and this is echoed in their catchy lyrics, killer hooks and their glamorous & dark style of dress and music videos.