We work with and support organisations which champion equality, diversity and fairness in our society and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in life and be their best self. Our focus is especially on systems of punishment and incarceration and ensuring that disadvantaged or excluded young people stay away from the street and a life of crime.

We champion our Artists and their communities and advocate that hard work, talent and determination alone should allow them to realise their dreams. We believe that someone’s start in life should not determine where they finish.


CARNEY’S COMMUNITY is a registered charity based in Battersea which aims to get disadvantaged and excluded young people off the street and away from a life of crime and despair by giving them skills, discipline and self-respect. Their work reduces offending, re-offending and anti-social behaviour whilst improving social mobility and community cohesion.

Their focus is to help young people be the best they can be and they have now installed a small recording studio in their Battersea base to give youngsters an opportunity to express their creativity and start to understand the mechanics of recording.

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works with companies to champion fairness, equality and effectiveness across systems of punishment and incarceration. By engaging business, government and civil society, RBI seeks to replace discriminatory, draconian and ineffective systems with those that promote opportunity for all. BPURESOUNDS endorse RBI in all its efforts. Find out more about RBI and their 1O PRINCIPLES

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